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[07/30/2015 @ 12:23 PM] This is an old post. Most of these fares are now featured in their own post. Removing from deal list.

American Airlines has put round-trip flights from Dallas (DFW) to a lot of major cities (see list below) on sale for $125, NONSTOP. Cheapest flights on TUE-WED+SAT, with FRI costing about +$20 more, August to November. Slightly higher priced flights of $157 are available on most days of the week until mid-2016 (for some destinations).

List of participating destinations:

$125-$157 New York (LGA)
$125-$157 Washington (BWI)
$125-$157 Portland (PDX) – Limited availability TUE-WED+SAT Oct-Nov.
$125-$157 San Diego (SAN)
$125-$157 Los Angeles (LAX)
$125-$157 Detroit (DTW) – Cheapest flights only on TUE-WED Aug-Nov.
$125-$157 Philadelphia (PHL)

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[05/13/2015 @ 7:24 PM] Removed from deal list. Old post. No availability.

Southwest Airlines has cheap flights from Dallas (DAL) to San Diego (SAN). Flights start at $116 round-trip, nonstop ($58 each way). Flights midweek, Tuesday and Wednesday. United is trying to stay competitive (and failing) by offering flights WITH-STOPS for $133. Fare is reversible (SAN to DFW / DAL).

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Airfare Deals American Airlines San Diego Southwest United

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