About Cheap DFW

Cheap DFW is an airfare and travel deal blog for those of us living in or near the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex. This isn’t a blog about Dallas or Ft. Worth; it’s the opposite, it’s a blog about getting to anywhere else from Dallas or Ft. Worth without it costing much.

The reason why this site exists was that I wanted to cover all of the airports that I would personally drive to if I found a cheap airfare deal departing from them. I thought about covering those deals on Escape Houston, my personal travel blog, but that would dilute the focus of that site and not do anyone here any good. It made more sense to cover Dallas / Ft. Worth separately, and so, here we are. With Cheap DFW I can cover things with a Dallas point of view without the background noise from Houston deals and vice versa.

I hope you find the content on this site useful and I’m looking forward to your feedback.

-Ren P. Artemio