Delta has round-trip flights from Dallas (DFW) to Nice (NCE) for $463-$477 with a connection. Flights in September, April, and May. 7-day minimum stay required.

Note: Carry-on bag is allowed for free on Delta. You can avoid paying for seat selection by accepting the randomly assigned seat at the gate.

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American and British Airways have round-trip flights from Dallas (DFW) to Nice or Marseille (NCE/MRS) for $535-$555. Flights from September to May. Expect prices to fluctuate by +/- $20.

Note: Fare allows for a free carry-on bag, but checked-bag and seat selection will cost an additional fee. Travelocity  has “Regular Economy” tickets available for $578. ($569 basic fare + $9 upgrade)

Note: Book on Expedia or Travelocity. Other sites seem to be more expensive at the moment.

Note: Stick closely to the example dates for this deal to avoid long connection times.

Note: New Years Eve is available if you can do 9-day stay or longer.

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