Turkish Airlines has round-trip flights from Dallas (DFW) to Mumbai (BOM) for $770 with a connection. Flights March to April. Departures on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday.

Some small OTAs on Skyscanner and Google have this for $722; cheaper than the airline. If you plan on booking there, beware of any site that charges a fee to cancel a ticket within the 24-hour “free” period. Use unknown booking sites at your own risk.

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Delta has round-trip flights from Dallas (DFW) to Munich (MUC) for $510 with a connection. Flights November to March.

Note: Carry-on bag is allowed for free on Delta. You can avoid paying for seat selection by accepting the randomly assigned seat at the gate.

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United and the Star Alliance are offering the cheapest flights to Mumbai “Bombay”, India (BOM) for $725 round-trip with either one or two layovers. 7-day advance purchase. Ticket on/before Oct 20. Flights through NOV 27. Best availability for MON-WED flights.

Almost every carrier has a “cheap” flight to India. If it’s not on sale with United, then Delta, KLM, Air France or British/American will have it on sale.

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