Cheap Flights: Dallas to Berlin $566 r/t – Air Berlin + Other Airline

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Air Berlin is having a Black Friday sale.

Round-trip flights from Chicago (ORD) to Berlin (TXL) are $485, NONSTOP. It’s possible to re-position into Chicago from Dallas (DFW) for $81 round-trip on most Wednesdays in January and February via United or American Airlines. If you combine these two separate round-trip tickets, you can get from Dallas (DFW) to Berlin (TXL) for $566 with a connection in Chicago (ORD). Sale ends at Midnight on Tuesday, December 01. See the Flight Details section of this post for example booking dates.

Air Berlin is a Oneworld member. You can credit miles back to your American Airline account. Note, W fares only earn 25% accrual.

IMPORTANT: This deal involves re-positioning into and out-of Chicago (ORD) by using United or American Airlines to get you there. Understand that you’ll be using two round-trip tickets on two different carriers. This means that you should give yourself ample layover time to make your connection; I suggest more than 3-hours if you’re not familiar with the airports involved. If you buy travel insurance, make sure that the policy has a “Missed Connections” benefit that covers missed flights due to delays over 3-hours.

As for Travel Insurance, consider the plans at AXA.

So just to recap…

  1. Fly from Dallas (DFW) to Chicago (ORD) for about $81 round-trip on American, or United. They have midweek flights in January and February at a discount right now.
  2. Use the Black Friday deal on being offered by Air Berlin to get from Chicago (ORD) to Berlin (TXL) for $486.
  3. $485 + $81 = $566.
  4. Remember to give yourself enough time to make your connections.
  5. Consider buying insurance that covers a missed connection due to a delay of your earlier flight.
  6. Have a fun trip! 🙂

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Flight Availability: Dallas to Chicago as of 12:24 PM on 11/27/15.
Flight Availability: Dallas to Chicago as of 12:24 PM on 11/27/15.
Flight Availability: Chicago to Berlin as of 12:24 PM on 11/27/15.
Flight Availability: Chicago to Berlin as of 12:24 PM on 11/27/15.

I was able to book this through Priceline. Other booking sites should also have the deal if they sell Air Berlin flights. Screenshot taken at 12:25 PM on 11/27/15.

11-27-15-dfw-ord-pl 11-27-15-ord-txl-pl

Flight Details:

  • Availability: You’ll need to re-position yourself in Chicago, and then the round-trip from Chicago to Berlin. Involves two round-trip tickets stacked end-to-end. Most availability is in January and February.
  • Documentation: Passport Required.
  • Departure and Destination Airports: DFW > ORD > TXL
  • Example Dates: (Priceline / Orbitz) Feb 17 – Feb 24 / Feb 03 – Feb 10 / Jan 20 – Jan 27 / Jan 13 – Feb 03 / Other dates: Use the +/- 3-day search tool on Orbitz.
  • Carrier: Air Berlin + either United or American Airlines.
  • Fare Basis Code: WTNNBUS
  • Fare Class: W
  • Mile Accrual: 25%
  • Stopover component: none.
  • CPM: 5.43 (10428 miles)
  • Full Route: DFW-ORD-TXL-ORD-DFW
  • Previous Lowest Price Average: $947
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Destination information:

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