Airfare Deals American Airlines Delta Oneworld Salt Lake City SkyTeam

Airfare Deals American Airlines Oneworld Salt Lake City

Delta has round-trip flights from Dallas (DFW) to Salt Lake City (SLC) for $177, NONSTOP. Flights August to May. Departures on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Extended Weekends available. Origin/Destination reversible. No Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Note: Carry-on bag is allowed for free on Delta. You can avoid paying for seat selection by accepting the randomly assigned seat at the gate.

There are also Priceline “Express Deals” available for $166. The airline and exact flight are hidden until after purchase. Purchases are final. No 24-hour free cancellation. Guaranteed to be on a major airline. Select the deal with 0 to 1 stops and a layover less than 3-hours. We aren’t sure which airline the hidden fare is at this time.

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Airfare Deals Delta Salt Lake City SkyTeam