Starting this month I will be resuming coverage on domestic airfare that departs after June.

Hi everyone.

Ren here. I wanted to update you on what my plans are for resuming airfare coverage and what kind of airfare I will be focusing on for the blog.

Before I begin, I want to thank those of you who have supported me on Patreon. Your support has helped keep this site alive during the past two months of inactivity.

What’s the TL;DR on this?

  • Starting this month, I plan to resume coverage on Domestic, Caribbean, and North American airfare that depart after June.
  • Flights with departures before July will not receive coverage.
  • I do NOT plan on resuming International airfare coverage at this time. Mexico, Canada and near-by countries will receive some coverage though.
  • Our efforts with Folding@Home will still continue. GPU compute on most systems will be used for folding, CPU compute will be used for airfare.
  • I will still be posting our daily raw data snapshots up to our Patreon page. If you are interested in a daily recap of the price data I use to create the content for this blog, consider supporting this site on Patreon.

When will International coverage resume?

  • I will be ignoring most International airfare for the time being. As time goes on I’ll slowly be resuming coverage of International airfare on a city-by-city basis depending on what the situation is for each specific destination.

Are you still contributing to Folding@Home?

  • Yes. If you want; you can join our “Escape Flights” folding team by entering in “240037” in the “Team Name”.
  • Our team has completed 6,661 work units and is ranked 1572 of 252683 in the world. Peter_Le, SaintBurns, and Zach have been doing most of the heavy lifting, compute wise.