Fuel Dump: Dallas to London + Other Europe $412-$567 r/t – American

[06/16/2015 @ 5:52 PM] Open this itinerary on: Orbitz, CheapTicketsExpediaTravelocity, PricelineBookingBuddy.
[06/17/2015 @ 12:39 AM] This deal is now dead. Removed from deal list. The fare is no longer bookable. 🙁

Flyertalk user “mspel” decided to post a fuel dump on Flyertalk. It won’t last long since it’s now public knowledge. So here are the details. DO NOT CALL THE AIRLINE ABOUT THIS. DOING SO WILL MOST LIKELY GET THE DEAL KILLED FASTER.

Per “Myspel”: This is part of the YYZ- DUB fare. A huge Fuel Dump. From $315 rt. From SFO, LAX, SEA, LAS, ORD, DFW, JFK, PHL, etc. Almost all cities AA or BA flies to directly from Europe. If you are in PHL, CLT, JFK, ORD, or DFW then all you have to do is add on a leg from your city to YYZ as a 3rd segment of a multi city. If not then you will have to book an extra leg from the end of the 2nd segment to your final destination. The US – YYZ segment will be abandoned.

IB flights only earn 80% on some classes so be careful. Still 3 CPM or better on some routes. Available most of the year through April 2016.

— end quote.

Generally speaking, you’ll setup a multi-city fare with an added DFW-YYZ segment that you’ll not fly on. This fuel dump should work for other cities in Europe, but you’ll need to experiment on your own. Try MON/TUE/WED departures and returns for the best availability. I’ve seen this working on London, Paris and Madrid.

Here are a few example flight pairings on Google Flights. Note: I’ll be updating this list with others later. Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter if you find anything else worthwhile.

You can book these on Orbitz but you’ll need to select “American Airlines”, “Iberia” and “British Airways” as your preferred airline. Not doing so will return a higher price. See details below.

Orbitz: You must specify your airline to get this to price correctly.
Orbitz: You must specify your airline to get this to price correctly.

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Flight Details:

  • Availability: See Post above.
  • Documentation: Passport Required.
  • Departure and Destination Airports:
  • Example Dates:
  • Carrier: American
  • Fare Basis Code:
  • Fare Class:
  • Mile Accrual: 100%
  • Stopover component: None.
  • CPM: 5.05 (11288 miles)
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Destination information:

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