Nonstop Flights: Dallas to/from Boston $101-$109 [July-December r/t – American / Southwest

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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we do not recommend booking travel with departures between May and June. This fare has departures later in the year.

American and Southwest has round-trip flights from Dallas (DAL/DFW) to Boston (BOS) for $101-$109, NONSTOP or with a connection. $50-$57 each-way. Flights July to December. Origin/Destination reversible. Weekends available.

Carry on bag is allowed for free and Southwest doesn’t charge a change-fee. If prices drop you can re-book the lower fare and receive a flight credit, or if you want to change your dates,you can do so without an additional fee.

You should register and take advantage of the 2x points promotion on Southwest Airlines. [Link].

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