Cheap Flights: Dallas to Las Vegas $169 r/t – United

[11/21/2014 @ 2:39 PM] Open this itinerary on: Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Hotwire.
[11/22/2014 @ 1:04 AM] New Years and Christmas have sold out. Other dates are available however.
[11/26/2014 @ 8:12 AM] Fare gone. 🙁 Removed from bookable list.

United has cheap flights from Dallas (DAL / DFW) to Las Vegas (LAS). Flights are $169 round-trip with a connection.

Flight Availability: Dallas to Las Vegas as of 1:06AM on 11/22/14.
Flight Availability: Dallas to Las Vegas as of 1:06AM on 11/22/14.

When you begin your search for a Hotel or Vacation Rental in Las Vegas please use our TripAdvisor: Las Vegas link.

Flight Details:

  • Availability: 21-day advance purchase. For Flights on SUN-WED. Most available on TUE and WED. Flights available out to May 2015.
  • Documentation: Domestic Flight
  • Departure and Destination Airports: DFW-LAS
  • Example Dates: Nov 7 – Nov 14
  • Carrier: United
  • Fare Basis Code: LAA21AKN
  • Fare Class: L
  • Mile Accrual: 100%
  • Stopover component: none.
  • CPM: 5.88 (2876 miles)
  • Full Route: DAL-IAH-LAS-IAH-DAL
  • Open this itinerary on: Expedia, OrbitzPriceline, Travelocity, Hotwire.

Destination information:

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